Designing from the Scratch

It sometimes takes several years to come up with the design of a new sofa. Even after the model jumps out of the sketch and finds the R&D door, we do not let it stand in front of the camera right away. Each model is rebuilt, reshaped, reproduced countless number of times before they are approved to have the luxury of taking their place among our collection. If models of Sofatorium were given the ability to utter a word, they would probably say “It is a privilege to be among these globally accepted models”.

We design experiences.

We made our name rethinking the impact home comfort has on the lives, but today the reach of Sofatorium products extends beyond the physical environment.

Our central idea is that every individual has a story and that a home environment is a great vehicle for telling it. When we’re doing our initial planning of a new sofa model, we calculate all details for a convenient sitting solution. “If I see a sofa at my home every day, it must be not only comfortable, but aesthetic as well,” once lamented head of our design department Ms. Leyla Kaya. And she turned around looked into the faces of everyone in the room and asked “Don’t you all think so?”.

We think of the sofa designing process as a bespoke phenomenon—and we apply it to every stroke of our business: From supply chain of raw material to the finishing touches, packing and delivery.

The International Power of Softorium

We continue influencing people and their environments globally.

From Ireland to Spain, Germany to Sweden, we change people’s lives with our unique designs, perfect services and affordable solutions of Sofatorium.

Our highly experienced professional design team is aware of the concepts and differences of every culture but this never has slowed us down.

On the contrary, we’re extremely happy to improve ourselves with the help of our experience which we gather all around the world. To be exact; 57 different countries!

With a huge variaty of home sofa products which we already have experience with, it’s so much easier to find what you dream of.

Whether it’s home sofa sets or sofa corners that will decorate homes in your country we can help.

Become a dealer of our products and enjoy the business.