When it comes to home sofas, culture plays a paramount role. This is so because in the rapidly changing and evolving contemporary world, habits, perceptions and requirements change very fast. Relatively, as Sofatorium we do everything under our power to keep our production up to the date. A small mistake in production can lead to a great loss of resources. Punctuality, sensitivity, and accuracy are of paramount importance in the production process of home sofas. Sofatorium management is committed to perfection.


Since the beginning, Sofatorium is focused on the happiness of its clients. We don’t want thousands of customers who would buy only once, we want regular customers who trust us. In order to achieve the perfect service, our group has invested millions of dollars to our CRM systems, IT systems, manufacturing to minimize production time. Contact us and you will understand what we mean.

All about Sofas

Established in early 2015, Sofatorium became one of the most respected company & manufacturer for sofas all around the world. Years of experience in the social sector gives us the ability to produce custom made sofa furniture with remarkable prices and of excellent quality.

Sofatorium  has exclusive dealers in different countries including Russia, Germany, Georgia and Kazakhstan. As following the developments and with our dynamic structure, our company has established partnerships in the international market which helped us to broaden our horizon and vision and leaded us to provide service in the various fields for projects.

Everything needed for the desired look and feel of your business. For your guests and your future. Please contact us to receive an overview of our collection of furniture or for any other additional information.

The focal point of Sofatorium is “sofas for home”. With our other sister companies, we are able to offer best sitting and seating solutions ever possible. In the line of sofas that we are manufacturing we have achieved amazing results in a short time.

Our central idea is that every client has a story and that a work environment is a great vehicle for telling it. When we’re doing our initial programming on a model, we get all the basics—sponge, wood, fabric and so on—but we also want to know how this company got rolling, who the people are, what they like to do.

We think of this process of home sofa manufacturing as bespoke design—and we apply it to every stage of our production.

We’re excited about what’s happening in the design world—and thrilled to be a part of setting the agenda.

Do browse the latest collection of our moderns sofas and you will find out the impressive achievement of our dedicated team.

All of our sofas are manufactured in Turkey. We do believe that Sofatorium is an entirely new approach to Turkish home sofa.

Depending on the sofa models, you can order our sofas as “sofa sets”, “Triple Sofas”, “Double Sofa,” “Single Sofas,” “Corner Sofa,” “Sofa Beds”.

Become our dealer in your country/city and enjoy the business with us!