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Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

We strive to create more livable houses with our principle of "Peaceful and happy homes". 

Our designers strive to create the new status, comfort, pleasure and modern sofas which will be loved by your customers.

Our engineers, by adding functional mechanism to aesthetics of the sofas, strive to create, handy, high quality and long lasting products.

Our sales teams strive to reach more houses thanks to the standard form of exhibition and presentation of the unique features of Sofatorium products in our each store. We operate, as a conscious company, with an eye to meet all the expectations of our consumers, all of our stakeholders, our employees and our state. Sofatorium, is happy with the pleasure it has provided to homes, importers and wholesalers with the tens of thousands of sofas produced by more than 250 employees thereof.

We have peace of mind of the works created by us.

Sofatorium is a world of Sofas, inspired by the best soft furniture traditions.

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