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Violet Modern Triple Sofa

Violet Modern Triple Sofa

Violet Sofa is ready to make you released from the stress of a daily life with comfort.

Product Details
  • OriginBursa - TURKEY
  • 3 Years
  • Product ID15805
  • Barcode ID56-212-36728-21
  • Width215 cm
  • Depth95 cm
  • Height75 cm
  • Weight78 kg
  • Volume1.57 m3
  • Package Count1
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Detailed Information About Violet Modern Triple Sofa
Violet Sofa is ready to make you released from the stress of a daily life with comfort and ergonomy. It' s rigid structure and firm components provides you good seating. Simple but intelligent design gives you a visual pleasure an pratical use. With only one easy move you can have 180x100 cm bed for your sleepover guests. Decorative pillows which comes with the sofa can be a good support for waist or for your arm. The selection of fabric presents a cool look and sport use on a daily life. It is good way to improve your daily life with Violet high quality sofa. You can also get optional headrest unit for proper head position while watching tv or resting.

Details At A Glance


Description Triple Sofa
Design Modern
Warranty 2 Years
Material Structure: Hornbeam + MDF
Leg: Solid Wood
Fabric Type of Fabric: Impala
Spec. of Fabric: Easy Clean + Water Retardant
Foam Seating: 28HR Soft 
Back: 22 HR Hard
External Part: 22HR Hard
Pillow: %70 Silicone + %30 Clipping
Installation Non Required
Delivery Condition Assembled

Other Details

Package 1 piece
Total Volume 1,57 M3
Total Gross Weight 78 KG
Total Net Weight 73 KG
External Width: 215 cm
Depth: 95 cm
Height: 75 cm
Leg Heigth: 15 cm
Armrest Width: 20 cm
Depth: 95 cm
Height: 55 cm
Seating Area Width: 180 cm
Depth: 85 / 55 cm
Height: 43 cm


- Movable back pillow.
- Movable seat pillow.
- Moving back turns the sofa in to 180x100 cm bed.
- 2 decorative pillows.
- Optional headrest.

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